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Why Should I Buy Products From Organic Whole-Food Vitamins?

 The owner and C.E.O. of Organic Whole-Food Vitamins Dr. Joseph A. Sproviero has been involved in the health, wellness, and nutrition field for over 20 years and possesses extensive experience in helping sick and diseased people get back to optimal health as well as maintaining optimal health in healthy individuals.  A former Mr. Georgia Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion, and N.P.C Collegiate National Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion, Dr. Joseph not only embodies a lifestyle of health, but is also Organic Whole Food Vitamin’s best customer using all the products on this site. With access to expert practitioners  from his partnering companies, Dr. Joseph can recommend a specifically tailored program per individual to meet their nutritional needs. We encourage our customers to take advantage of this complimentary service for 2 reasons. First, you work hard for your money and we at Organic Whole Food Vitamins don’t want you to waste it by purchasing products you don’t need. Second, in order to achieve optimal health in the most expedient and efficient manner, it is important to purchase the necessary products you need.  No two people are alike, and at Organic Whole Food Vitamins we treat all customers as individuals, and as family members with Optimal Wellness As Our Mission!! Your Number 1 Goal!!