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Organic Whole-Food Vitamins is known as the world’s foremost retailer of organic whole-food excipient free vitamins. “Excipient Free”, means our products are free from harmful toxic binders and fillers that synthetic made vitamins contain. Your health is a gift, and optimal health is a goal worth going after, both for you and your family. Our goal at Organic Whole-Food Vitamins is World Wide Wellness through superior nutrition that vitamins-whole food organic vitaminsgoes beyond the average. We only promote and sell products that are raw, derived from whole foods and herbs that are from organically grown sources. This type of supplementation nutrition, is vastly superior to synthetic man made non organic supplementation, due to the bodies ability to better recognize and utilize vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs that come from live real food sources. Science and Medicine has correlated a direct relationship between nutrition, exercise and health. We at Organic Whole-Food Vitamins believe the key to health is exercise combined with a diet that consists of consumption of Raw and Live foods. More specifically those types of foods containing live probiotics, live enzymes, and the byproducts of their fermentation processes. The continuing nutritional nutrient decline of our food content has made it absolutely necessary to incorporate supplementation into our diets on a daily basis in order to get the proper nutrition our bodies need for great health. At Organic Whole-Food Vitamins, Our Mission is Wellness!! Our Customer’s Number 1 Goal!

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